If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea you will probably be referred to get your own CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.  This machine will clear your apnoeas by giving you the required air pressure via a mask under your nose, over your nose or over your face.

Sleep apnoea is easy to diagnose with a sleep study.  We can refer you for a sleep study to assess if you do have sleep apnoea, diagnose how severe it is and make recommendations.  Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, a CPAP machine will most likely be recommended.

At Sleep Right we supply and support you with all your CPAP needs. We supply a variety of masks – nasal pillows, nasal masks and full face masks.

Having been diagnosed with sleep apnoea is sometimes a scary experience.  Sleeping with a mask and CPAP machine may sound daunting.  We at Sleep Right will support you through the initial process.

We supply Resmed CPAP machines and accessories.